. INTAKE (Enrollment) .

Intake is your, as a recruit, first step of induction to Praxis College. After the recruit has decided to sign an enrollment contract a time is set to come to the administrator’s office and do so. Prior to signing the contract during this visit several issues related to massage education, Praxis College standards and general career college education issues are presented and discussed. Only after this frank discussion of problems within the massage industry and with educational institutions, is the contract signed. The remainder of the intake meeting involves issuing uniforms, locker designation, Praxis requirements, rules of stipend compensation to the student for work performed, record keeping and making first assignments. 

You then become an inductee and you are moved forward to being a novice in the indoctrination process. 


As a novice much of the mechanics of the Praxis College Process can be daunting and the spectrum of massage information overwhelming. The novice period is a time to gain perspective and insight by both instruction in the Art and orientation to the expectations of Praxis College. At the end of indoctrination and orientation domains you advance to an apprentice.



The Praxis Process is an innovative educational system for the 21st century.  It does not involve being held prisoner in a classroom filled with students who are less motivated or focused than you. Listening to a "talking head" attempting to manage a classroom and meet required objectives rather than identifying your unique educational needs.  We have replaced that 19th century "industrial revolution" model of training people to be a cog in the corporate system with a method, a process, that puts you at the center of your education.

You study all of the academics whenever or wherever, for the period of time you have available and at a time when you are clear and alert. Not allowing a class schedule, that is convenient for the instructor to mandate your life.

All during this study of academics you are provided with short, direct and relevant study assignments.  You will have a personal mentor available to you by phone, internet or text. If it is convenient, you can meet with your mentor face to face at the College.

Once you have completed your background academic work (as little as 4 weeks if you are motivated to study) you are ready for skills transmittals. 

Here is the Praxis Process step by step of what will occur as you progress. It illustrates why and how your progress is validated and recorded. While this is a precisely laid out plan, there is built in flexibility and the ability to meet individual needs.  

.                *                  RECRUITMENT                    *

Even our recruitment is educational, as an example this document is routinely given to those inquiring about Praxis College or seeking admission. We do not “sell” our program. There are no recruiters or admission representatives (no one gains a commission, bonus, reward, compensation or recognition for “signing up” a student), rather the layperson speaks to one of the owners or faculty. This lay prospective student is given any and all information, all questions answered and a frank discussion of the massage industry without having to “come in” to visit with a sales person. We do not retain the names, telephone numbers or E-mail address of those who contact us. We never do follow-up calls or make repeated requests of “have you made a decision yet?” We do not use pressure techniques, like: “you need to sign-up now, the class is almost full” or “we will give you a discount if you sign today.” We require that even after the prospective student has toured the campus, passed the skills ability audition, and stated that they want to attend Praxis College that they wait 5 to 10 days before signing a contract. Praxis College wants qualified, naturally skilled, motivated and dedicated students not ones “sweet talked” into how much fun the program is and the number of friends they will make (dating opportunities) while studying for an occupation they may not have the ability to successfully perform.

As an outline our recruitment process is:

1. INITIAL CONTACT: You  contact Praxis College by phone, mail, text, internet. With this contact all your questions about hours, tuition, topics taught or information concerning the health Arts, etc., are answered fully.

2. INTRODUCTION: All of the pertinent information covered in this conversation is sent to you by E-mail. Along with other information on massage as a career and the Praxis College Catalog. An application form for consideration of admission is provided. Your contact information (name, telephone and E-mail address, etc.) are destroyed. If you do not make follow-up contact with Praxis College or submit an application, the process ends here. We do not make disturbing and invasive marketing follow-up calls. 

3. YOU INITIATE SECOND CONTACT: This contact should include having submitted a completed application. Any additional questions or concerns are addressed. You are invited to tour the campus and sit for an interview which includes a skills-aptitude audition. (See description below). This allows you and the Praxis faculty to determine if this is a good fit for both parties. A date and time convenient for you is set. Any family members or significant others having an interest in seeing the college or observing the audition (with your permission ) are encouraged to attend.

4. VISIT TO CAMPUS: Again any additional concerns or questions are addressed. A casual “get to know you” session occurs in which the faculty assesses you on desire, social skills and dedication to the course of study. A Brief walking tour of the facility follows. 

5. THE AUDITION: You are examined for innate talent, skill and ability as list below: 

  • At an empty massage table you are given basic information on the mechanics of massage. 
  • The faculty demonstrates a gesture. Then details the body mechanics, movements and information to perform it correctly. 
  • You are then asked to replicate the gesture with the faculty member performing it on the opposite side of the table as not to require any memory work.
  • This process is repeated for several gestures and your natural talent and ability is assessed and measured. 
  • You return to the faculty members office. 


If you have made a favorable impression and have demonstrated natural ability and potential in the upper 90% range, you will be offered a position as a student and qualify for full scholarship.

 If not, you will be offered assistance in finding another massage program or guidance in choosing another area of study at another institution.

 If you indicate a desire to enroll at Praxis College you will be required to wait a period of time that includes a weekend (5 to 10 days) from the interview date before signing the contract. A copy of the contract as it appears in the catalog is issued to you to read and review with family or others during this time. We are not selling used cars here, we want this to be a thoughtful and fully informed decision.

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You as a novice are now ready to undertake both instruction and massage skills training. The process is designed to give the most concise and accurate information in the most appropriate format based on the information to the presented. The process is only briefly outlined here.

  • INITIAL MENTOR MEETING: This not to be mistaken as the first mentor meeting, as an “initial mentor meeting” occurs with each new domain. It is the beginning meeting of each area of study. Each area of study is referred to as a domain. You are issued a new domain at the beginning of each initial mentor meeting. Each mentor meeting is conducted based on a timed written outline. 
  • DOMAIN ISSUED: When a new domain is issued the topic area will be introduced and discussed with your mentor. The domain is given to you as a printed copy as well as a PDF copy, both are for your use in maintaining records and for guidance as to what to study next. Your first domain will be INTAKE and INDUCTION. 
  • ASSIGNMENTS ISSUED: All assignment materials will be issued and expected date of  completion is covered at this time. Each Assignment has the same format structure. The number credit hours vary with each assignment from 1 to possibly as many as 6 hours. Some students will complete each in more or less time.
  • COMPLETING AND SUBMITTING WORK PRODUCT: You are responsible for choosing the time and location to work towards completion of the assignments. Personal responsibility and self discipline will determine how rapidly the assignments are completed. As you study you are always encouraged to pause, contemplate and possibly explore practical applications, at lease muse over insights gained. Should you need assistance or guidance during this process you can contact your mentor by telephone, text or e-mail before proceeding. If the issue requires hands-on, equipment etc. then an informal mentor meeting can be arranged. Once the assignment has been read or performed then a report and all work products are submitted to the mentor for assessment and response.
  • REPORT EVALUATION: Once the report is submitted in proper format the mentor reads and answers any questions you may have posed, by placing notations to the original copy of the submitted report. In addition, the mentor may make comments to further illuminate the material or assist you in seeing application. This annotated version of the report is returned to the apprentice, and should replace their original. A copy is maintained by Praxis College and is placed in the students file.
  • CLOSING MENTOR MEETING: Once all work product in the domain are submitted as reports and evaluated you schedule a closing mentor meeting. This not to be mistaken as the last mentor meeting. It is the Assessment and discussion of all the assignments of this domain. This will be completed before you are issued a new domain.
  • This Process Of Academic Instruction Repeats Until All Apprentice Degree Assignments Are Completed.

APPRENTICE SKILL TRANSMITTAL: As you advance with the academic assignments periodically you will be introduced to manual skills sessions and hands-on learning. These sessions are referred to as skills transmittal. Each transmittal session will be proceeded by one or more domains. These skills transmittals will, in addition to elements of normal assignments, contain protocols. Protocols are precise guidelines on preparation and conduct of a particular skill. In addition, the domain may contain routines and katae delineating the sequence of gestures used for a particular service. Each skills transmittal session is tightly constructed and defined in writing for the instructor. They are limited to three (3) students at a time. You are instructed by demonstration, while one student undergoes feeling the techniques and passively experiencing the verbal instruction. The instructed student is then observed for proper return demonstration. The student who has been the model and has had direct experience with feeling the technique, is now instructed, demonstrated to and observed. The first student becomes the model and feels the technique they have been previously instructed in performing.The student begins skills instruction after the first 3-4 weeks. They start clinical Application within the following 10-14 days.
SECOND DEGREE: CRAFTSMAN The apprentice has now been prepared to advance. Ready to attain new and more modern skills in massage. As with the apprentice training the process is designed to be specific, precise and documented.The process is as with the Apprentice degree a series of mentor meetings, domains issued and multiple assignments given, completed, reports submitted, evaluated and recorded. Again As In The Apprentice Degree, This Repeats Until All Craftsmen Assignments Are Completed.

CRAFTSMAN SKILL TRANSMITTAL: As with the apprentice, the craftsman progresses with the academic assignments and periodically they will be introduced to advanced manual skills sessions and hands-on learning. When all 2nd degree skills and the clinical application of these techniques are documented at this time the craftsman advances to the master degree.
THIRD DEGREE: MASTER ADVANCEMENT & ENLIGHTENMENT The craftsman is now ready to advance to enlightenment, meaning the ability to see clearly the depth and complexity of the Art. To appreciate that massage is an enduring and unchanging, while simultaneously recognizing that we will constantly increase in our understanding of it. The study here is focused on preparation for the most difficult of healing techniques, the progression of the Art in the future, and an appreciation of our responsibility to new apprentices and the future undertaking of the role of teacher and mentor. The master is confronted with multiple domains, assignments, mentoring and skills transmissions. MASTER SKILL TRANSMITTAL: As the master advances skills will predominate their studies. They will by necessity recall, revisit and make application of all previous academic assignments. New connections, insights and illumination will occur with the support and assistance of their mentors.



When All three degree’s educational requirements, Skills and the Clinical Application are Documented, the Master Degree therapist graduates. Not to a fully enlightened and knowing practitioner, rather in gaining this position, they are saddled with the insight of understanding the responsibility of life long exploration and learning. Evidenced by:

  • Post Graduation: National Certification and State Licensing.
  • Employment: Working for another or Establishing a Private Practice.
  • Maintaining and expanding Skills: Continuing Education and Development through Peers.
  • Preparing to Operate a SPA or Massage Business: Managing and Guiding Others.
  • Maintaining the Art: Meeting Requirements to Teach or Operate a Massage School.
  • Advancing the Art: Doing Research, Writing and Publishing.