For successful selection as a Praxis College student and to be granted a full scholarship, the applicant/candidate must meet the following merits/prerequisites:

  • .    Submit a completed Application
  • .   Pass a background check having a clean criminal record
  • .     Be 18 years of age or older
  • .   Be nicotine/vape free.
  • .   No use of recreational drugs, legal or illegal.
  • .   No tattoos or piercings (other than earrings) that are visible when appropriately dressed for conducting massage.
  • .  Has never worked in any type of adult or sexually oriented business.

If you clear the requirements above

You will attend an “interview” class conducted by the Director of Praxis College. You will be instructed, demonstrated and then  perform a series of gestures with the instructor guiding you. The Director will observe and determine if you have natural talent for massage. You must be in the upper 10% of skill as determined by Praxis. Praxis College cannot make a quality practitioner out of an untalented student.

By this interview process you can be assured that your classmates will be responsible, safe and equally qualified mature adults who are motivated and interested in having the best educational experience, just like you. In addition, upon graduation you know you are part of a group of ethical practitioners who will not embarrass you, the massage community or Praxis College by bad conduct in the future. 

Who Qualifies for Scholarships

EVERY student admitted to Praxis College is awarded a full scholarship. These Scholarships are provided by private funds. There are no State or Federal grants or loans. No “taxpayer” dollars are involved.

What if I live Outside of OKC or out of state?

You only come to the campus for skills transmittals and clinical skills practice on the public in the Praxis SPA . This can be done as “intensives" to minimize travel and lodging expenses.

All Academics are handled by e-mail, telephone or Skype. With some locations we may establish a clinical rotation in your area, once skills transmittal training and proof of competency has been demonstrated on our campus.

What happens after Graduation?

 After 500 hours of instruction you will be eligible for taking the National Certification Exam. We work with our graduates until they have successfully passed the exam with only the first 500 hours. In 2016 Oklahoma passed a State massage licensing law. Praxis College will modify our curriculum to meet or exceed all Oklahoma State requirements once they are determined by the board.

Many of our graduates are chosen to work at the Praxis SPA as independent contractors. If you wish to start your own business or private practice Praxis will assist you. Or if you choose, Praxis College will work with you in finding placement working for another massage business.

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