We will be happy to provide you with free continuing education for re-licensing. 

The process is simple.

1) Tell us by e-mail what topics from the list below that you have an interest in studying.

2) We will send out the course material as a PDF by email to you.

Note:  some of the courses require a DVD or CD disk. Those disks can be picked  up at our SPA without charge by making an appointment to come by or you  can have them mailed to you is you wish to pay the postage fee.

3)  Study the material at your leisure, write a short, but complete report  on the material you studied. Including the main points you learned, how  you will implement the information in your life or practice and what you learned. 

Make sure  you read the objectives as they will assist you in seeing what you  should know or how to use the information. Please tell us, as part of  the report, what we could do to improve it and what in particular you  liked.

4) Submit your report to us by e-mail.

5)  We will read it, maintain a record at Praxis College should the Massage  Board contact us. We will prepare and send by e-mail your certificate.

Note:  The certificate will have your name as you have given it to us, the  objectives for the course, the date completed, and the number of credit  hours. If you require or wish, to have your license number on the  certificate provide it with your submitted report.

6)  We would ask as a favor for providing this service that you post a  review on Google, Yelp or any other site of your choice. A comment on  your Facebook would be appreciated also.

Here are some of the more popular CEU topics other therapists have requested.

Sauna: A medical tool - 6 CEUs

The myth of Moral Neutrality - 2.5 CEU *

The Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle - 2.5 CEU *

The "Why Study" Series - 7 CEU

The Rules of Rules - 5 CEU

Rules, Rules, Stupid Rules - 4 CEU *

* Indicates that a free DVD or CD must be picked-up or mailed to you, with you paying postage. There is no need to return the DVD/CD.

If  there is an area of study that interests you, tell us and we will  attempt to find a CEU on that topic. Browse the Praxis College catalog  or website for ideas.

Andre F. Fountain CMT, BSN, RN, MHT

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